Liz O’Connell is a Nutritionist and the co-owner of Bodyfit Pilates & Yoga . She has a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and is currently undertaking postgraduate Nutrition studies at Deakin University. Her main area of research is nutrition for weight loss and metabolic health. Liz is the creator of FastaWeigh, a program that incorporates intermittent fasting and low-carb eating for weight loss, metabolic health and wellness. More information is at

Liz runs an 8-week FastaWeigh @ Bodyfit for those looking to lose weight, learn how to eat healthily and improve their health. Contact us to register your interest and to get more information. The next course starts February 2019.

Private consultations with Liz are also available on Fridays - Initial consultation is one hour $125. 30 minute follow up consultations - $60