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Restore Your Core - Diastasis Workshop

Separated Abdominals, Split Abs, Diastasis Recti, DRAM, Pot Belly!
You may have heard of one of these terms or have been told you have it. This condition, often caused by pregnancy for women also can affect men.
Symptoms may include lower back pain, sore stomach, digestive problems, poor posture, constipation, bloating, abdominal hernia, weak core and a potty belly
Although this condition is non-life threatening it can be unsightly and often uncomfortable.

In this 3-hour workshop you will learn:
• How separated abdominals develop
• A belly check to see the depth and width of your separation
• Exercises to help fix it
• Options to repair it with Pilates
• Take home exercises
• How to prevent it from re-occurring

Investment: $80 ($72 for Bodyfit Members)

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About your facilitator:
Lana Dawkins studied dance for eighteen years and discovered Pilates after needing rehabilitation with a back injury, this is where her love for Pilates started. The journey of being in the fitness industry naturally lead Lana to pursue her love for Pilates and in 2004 she studied at the National Pilates Training in Melbourne and also studied in New York.

Lana’s passion for movement and the Pilates industry has taken her overseas facilitating workshops, teacher training courses and retreats in Bali, Vietnam, New Zealand, Australia, New York and Malaysia.

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