“Thank you Liz. I am so pleased I joined the group. I feel much more empowered and happier with myself” (female, mid 50’s, 10kgs lost)

“Very supportive, informative course. Well run. Not overly complex and easy to follow” (male, early 60’s)

“Thanks Liz, throughout the last 8 weeks you have given me a better understanding of healthy eating and in the process I have lost 12kg and 56cm overall. The group environment no doubt kept my motivation up and had given me tips/ ideas along the way. Look forward to continuing my better eating habits and feeling and looking so much better. Once again thank you for you guidance and support” (female, mid 50’s, 10kgs lost)

“I wanted to find a healthy eating plan that I could sustain in my every day life. This course had made me change the way I will eat forever but doesn’t restrict me from the foods I love. Thank you Liz” (female, late 30’s, 6.5kgs lost)

“Information that is backed by scientific facts, that’s what I believe in. I couldn’t believe how easy it is, my weight was dropping,. More importantly, I couldn’t believe how great I felt, clarity in my mind, high energy and instant results. For me the ease of the program is what makes it work, no calorie counting, no supplements, no one saying eat organic only etc. I finished my 8 week program early December and I’ve been on holidays all of January my weight has gone up by only 1-2 kilos only so I just fast for a couple of days and I’m back to my NEW me!” (female, mid 50’s, 10 kgs lost)

“I only felt like I needed to lose 5kgs however I struggled with it for years. I feel like I couldn’t have done it without Liz’s support and the dietary changes. I ended the course at my goal weight, but the real bonus was that my body and mind felt better, healthier, happier and clearer.” (female, late 30’s, 7 kgs lost)

“I had been told by a doctor that I was a prime candidate for Type 2 diabetes due to being overweight. This coupled with the fact that I could not touch my hands behind my back convinced me that I needed to do something more drastic than just eating low fat fat and drinking low carb beers, so I spoke with Liz and she told me should could get my weight down and get my blood sugar under control. The eight week program gave me the knowledge I needed to help me get under 100kg for the first time this century. The information was an important part, but just as important were the weekly sessions to discuss our progress with the rest of the group (being hungry for the first time in years can be daunting). My blood sugar is under control and I have gone from 108kg to 92kg and counting. It has been so much easier than I thought and has completely changed the way I think about food. The hardest part was starting.” (male, mid 40’s, 16 kg lost at the end of the 8 week course)

“I wish what I know now I knew years ago. It made a lot of sense and is a great strategy for weight management. The weekly environment provided good support and inspiration. The information handouts and discussion and Liz’s weekly goal setting was well paced to achieve the weight loss and results I wanted.” (female, 50’s, 7 kgs lost)

“I was a reluctant participant in the FastaWeigh programme, but went along to keep my brother company. I love cooking and I love eating. That’s probably why the kilos had crept on after having three children. After the first FastaWeigh group session, I was converted! I could still cook and eat the food I love. Bearnaise sauce was still on the menu! I loved the flexibility of the programme and the invaluable knowledge and support from Liz. The WhatsApp group chat provided more than a few laughs, as well as really valuable information. The simplicity of the programme was the best thing for me. No calorie counting! I lost ten kilos over the eight weeks and am still going! I love this way of eating.” (female, mid 40’s, 10kgs lost)

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