Pilates for Weight Loss and Fitness


If you feel you have some extra weight to shift or you are looking for ways to maintain the weight that you are currently at, you’ve probably realised that you need exercise. Many people have turned to Pilates when looking to lose weight, build strength, tone and maintain health.

Pilates helps people to become more aware of their bodies. In addition to improving your breathing and alignment, it also is designed to tone your muscles, helping you to lose weight over time.

The beauty of Pilates is that it isn't only for people at a certain fitness level. In fact, you can do it according to your own fitness level and as you gain strength, the challenge of the workout will continue to increase. Pilates exercises are also gentle, performed slowly, and are progressive, which make them perfect for people who need time to get into shape.

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Why Experiencing Pilates in a Class setting Is a Sound Decision

When you take Pilates in a setting that is dedicated to the practice, you'll get an opportunity to become more grounded and in touch with yourself. Attending Pilates for weight loss classes will also give you the opportunity to share your time and motivations with like-minded people so that you can get to know how others are managing to achieve their fitness goals.

In addition, you can also begin to live your life more fully. When you participate in Pilates classes for fitness and weight loss on a regular basis, you'll find that the lessons learnt will start to manifest in your regular life (being mindful, calm, aware, confident, motivated etc).

Finally, Pilates classes are also about removing yourself from the distractions of your daily schedule so that you can fully immerse yourself in the experience of learning Pilates. When you have more time to focus on your technique, you can perfect your form more quickly, helping you to reach higher heights.

What to Expect From Bodyfit Pilates & Yoga

At Bodyfit Pilates & Yoga, our Pilates classes are available to meet the needs of a variety of participants all at different levels of experience. Whether you are a beginner or have some experience with doing Pilates, our classes will provide you with the stimulation and continued challenges to keep you motivated.

In addition, we don’t only cater to individuals who are at their prime fitness levels. We offer classes that are also intended to meet the unique fitness needs of pregnant women, as well as, elderly members. As long as you and your overall health permits you to exercise, Bodyfit Pilates & Yoga has a Pilates workout for weight loss, muscle tone, fitness, mindfullness, balance, alignment and improved flexibility that will meet your needs.

A Note About Weight Loss

Despite the powerful benefits that Pilates has to offer, it is important that you keep in mind that neither Pilates nor yoga alone can help you lose weight if you are not also committing to a healthy diet and also performing other physical activities that are designed to burn calories.

Although the main goal of Pilates is to help you build muscle, strength, and flexibility, it is still up to you to incorporate the other factors that you need in order to produce the weight loss results or fitness goals that you are seeking.

Need Assistance?

Bodyfit Pilates & Yoga offers over 50 Pilates and yoga classes a week over 7 days from 6.15am - 9pm and we cater to all fitness levels. Book online now or call us on (03) 5420 7778 if you have any enquiries. We look forward to helping you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.