Pregnant Classes

At Bodyfit Pilates & Yoga, we want to help you stay in the best shape possible during pregnancy to help make the transition from pregnancy to childbirth easier. By incorporating Pilates and yoga into your pregnancy fitness routine, you can help to improve your strength and mobility.

We offer a variety of classes for our pregnant members, each with unique goals in mind for helping you to get your body into shape. The following classes are the ones that we most often recommend to our pregnant members:

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A 45 minute class using large machines called the "Pilates reformer". This class is for all levels of fitness. You will gain balance, alignment, core strength and muscle tone. Suitable if you are pregnant (only up until 33 weeks) or have an injury but must be discussed with your instructor.

Combo Reformer

This class is 45 minutes long and uses a variety of equipment such as fitballs, exo chairs, pilates rings, weights, foam roller, resistant bands and reformer machines. This class is for all level of fitness including the pregnant.

Private Session

Private sessions are perfect for your pregnancy as it will give you a class specific for your needs and pregnancy. This session can be either on your own or you can bring one other person and split the cost. The total cost is $80 for 1 hour or $40 for 30min and bookings are made by sending us an email with your preferred times. Some health funds will allow you to claim this cost. Please email us or call 5420-7778 for more information.

Hatha Yoga

This 1 hour yoga class is perfect if you are new to yoga or would like to focus and work on your technique. This class is slower paced concentrating on each individual posture at a time rather then flowing from one posture to the other. Suitable for all levels of fitness including beginners. If pregnant and attending Hatha yoga, it is only suitable if taught by Bron, Tammara or Petrina.