Waitlist & Cancellation Policy

Classes cancelled with less than 4 hours notice will incur a $10 Late Cancel Fee for Members or forfeiture of a pass for Passholders

If you are on the waitlist, a text or email will be sent if you secure a spot in the class. We assume that you will be attending the class even if you do NOT respond.

Many waitlist confirmations occur overnight so if you decide you don't want to go to class the next day, please take yourself off the waitlist as you may incur the late charge if you don't see the text within 4 hours of the class time.

If you respond No within 4 hours of the class time, that also will incur a late charge. 

These policies are to ensure as many people get to attend popular classes as possible.We know that things like heavy traffic, sick kids and work emergencies can happen but late charges cannot be waived to keep it fair for the whole Bodyfit community. 

You can view our full terms and conditions here.

Thanks for understanding!

Petrina & Liz